Our history, goals and activities

History, goals and activities

Center for Educational Initiatives is a non-governmental, non-profit association aimed at enhancing innovative educational initiatives and facilitating educational reforms through co-operation between institutions on regional and European level.
CEI was established as a Programme of the Balkan Colleges foundation in January 1999. In October 2000 CEI was registered as an independent association.

The main objectives of the Center for Educational Initiatives are:

• to assist in the improvement of the quality and cost-effectiveness of the educational reform process in Bulgaria on civil and public administration level in the context of European integration and regional co-operation initiatives in the region;

• to support the developing of educational institutions into enhanced contributors to societal institution-building, especially with regard to democracy, human rights, and minority rights;

• to elaborate and implement different initiatives promoting the restructuring and modernisation of curricula and syllabi, methodology, school management and evaluation of the teaching and learning process;

• to facilitate cooperation in the field of education and culture on local, regional and European level, acting as a clearing house to provoke dialogue and enhance co-operation between the state, society, NGOs, and school actors on all levels, including the establishment and enlargement of school and university networks.

The expertise of CEI embraces the following spheres:

  • Textbook analyses, curriculum development and teacher training with the purpose of restructuring and modernization of the education and enhancing the quality of the teaching/learning process;
  • Education and youth: networking, seminars, development of out of school initiatives for students from SEE region with the purpose of establishing peer to peer contacts, supporting of international co-operation and personal development of the young people in the context of the European integration process;
  • Intercultural co-operation on national, regional and international level, strengthening the cross-cultural relations, provoking dialogue on topical issues of the present day civic society, encouraging interaction and co-operation as a drive to ethnic and cultural tolerance.




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Center for Educational Initiatives

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