In 2010, Center for Educational Initiatives established a Training center, whose main objective is to train teachers, school principals, university professors and education experts in e-learning skills and digital competencies. The Training center provides variety of methodological courses for ICT-based teaching, ICT-based assessment practices, etc. based on open educational resources as MOODLE. Over 3500 secondary school teachers from 143 schools were trained in the Center until now. More than 40 university professors have graduated special programs developed for the Faculty of Slavic Studies and Faculty of History of Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski".

Furthermore, CEI is creating, hosting and developing a web platform u4ili6teto.bg.The platform is based on the methods of social and educational constructivism. All didactic objectives are achieved through a fully functional MOODLE- platform content, developed exam preparation for external assessment in Grade 7th and state exams after 12th grade, educational courses, video and interactive resources, training of teachers, installation and maintenance of sub domains of 24 schools and 1 foreign language center. Currently the platform has 14 000 users and over 25,000 unique visits per month.

Significant part of CEI porfolio are several international projects aiming to create, develop and promote new pedagogical and teaching approach, based on ICT tools and focused on Training students, staff, civil protection volunteers and professionals about procedures and rules to be respected in case of natural or anthropic disaster and offering a complete set of educational resources to all the categories involved in the prevention, preparedness, self-protection  and cultural comprehension of the  risks. All these projects are focused on web based tools,  open source platforms for identification and exchange of good practices, development of e-learning courses and training, as well as local based dissemination and training actions.



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