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Center for Educational Initiatives is committed to the mission of making quality education available anywhere, to increase the authority of the teacher and school to become the cornerstone in building trust between teachers, students and parents. We believe that training to work with an electronic platform for the management of the learning process based on the pedagogical model Constructivism, teachers, experts in regional education inspectorates, academics and education experts doprinesyame a qualitative change and modernize the Bulgarian educational environment. High technology we use allows us to dream that in the next few years the Bulgarian teachers respected the students and the community with the skills to use modern educational approaches to use without difficulty, and concern new technologies in the classroom and be familiar with the latest developments in teaching science.

Born before the era of the Web , the teacher at the beginning of the 21st century is experiencing falling dramatically in the 'web' . Information technologie forced him to rethink pedagogical model , which is prepared and who knows , assume that the privilege to ask questions is not just his , to prepare you should rather build skills rather than serving information. To reach it quickly and easily " technologically literate " students need and learn how to analyze , evaluate and use . And the person you rely on is their teacher. The new generation is increasingly needed motivation and less than elementary fill the information deficit . From an informant teacher should be ready to become iluminat - op. It should be a battle for the heart of the student - not for the head. It 's not that kind of tabula rasa predinformatsionnata age he like an empty warehouse as a longshoreman to fill . The warehouse is full and needs to be ordered.

A need for this procedure. Constructivist methodology .



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