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Center for Educational Initiatives is dedicated to the mission of making quality education accessible from anywhere, enhancing the authority of the Teacher and turning the School into a cornerstone in building trust between teachers, students and parents. We believe that through trainings for working with electronic platforms for learning process management, based on the constructivist pedagogical model, of teachers, experts in regional education inspectorates, university professors and educational experts, we contribute to the qualitative change and modernization of the Bulgarian educational environment. The high technologies we use allow us to dream that in the next few years the Bulgarian teacher will respect the students and the society with his skills to use modern educational approaches, to use without difficulty and anxiety the new technologies in the classroom and to know the latest achievements of the pedagogical science.

Born before the Web Age, the teacher in the early 21st century dramatically experienced his fall into the web. Information technology has forced him to rethink the pedagogical model in which he is prepared and knowledgeable; to accept that the privilege of asking questions is no longer just his; to prepare that it should rather build skills rather than present information. It is reached quickly and easily by "technologically literate" students and they need knowledge of how to analyze, evaluate and use it. And the person they rely on is their teacher. The new generation is increasingly in need of motivation and less and less of the elementary filling of the information deficit. From the informant, the teacher should be ready to become an Illuminati -or. He must fight for the heart of the disciple for the head. It is not that tabula rasa of the pre-information era that he, like an empty warehouse, as a docker, fills up. The warehouse is full and needs to be arranged.

And this requires a methodology. The methodology of constructivism.

Tsvetan Tsvetanski, Chairman of the Board



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