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Teaching Manual for Literary Education

“Meeting Our Neighbours”

The teaching manual “Meeting Our Neighbours” is elaborated by a team including experts and authors from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Moldavia, Romania, Turkey, Serbia and Montenegro and Croatia in the framework of a project, conducted by Center for Educational Initiatives with the financial support of the European Cultural Foundation and KulturKontakt, Austria.
The manual is approved by order № РД 09-586 from 14.08.2002 of the Minister of Education and Science.

 ISBN 954-91045-1-6



Teacher’s Textbook “Should We Be Afraid of Our Neighbours”

The teacher’s textbook is elaborated by Alexei Kalyonski, Mihail Gruev, Ekaterina Mihailova and Tzvetan Tzvetanski. It had been published with the supportt of the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Sofia under the Small Embassy Projects Programme (MATRA/KAP).

ISBN 954-91045-5-9


Education Against Corruption

Textbook "Education against corruption" is a collection of "best practices" for teaching anti-corruption issues in secondary school, implemented a broad team of authors, involving experts from NGOs, academics and teachers in secondary school. This publication is financed by the European Union under the PHARE program - Development of Civil Society 2004.

Sofia, 2007, ISBN 978-954-91045-6-1


Collection "Innovative methods and practices in the Bulgarian School"

This paper presents best practices used by clubs "Insula Europаe" in the project "Establishment of a network of school clubs "Insula Europаe", financed by the Operational Programme Human Resources Development. Besides development of students and teachers are presented and extremely useful as guides us to work with virtual learning platforms in international projects Bridging Insula Europae and EUCLIDES.

Sofia, 2009, ISBN 978-954-92045-7-8

Textbook and practical guidance on the project "Raising earthquake Awareness and Coping Children’s Emotions"

The textbook is published project RACCE, united efforts of experts from Greece, Italy, France and Bulgaria. The journal is edited by Prof. Haralambis Fasulas of Natural History Museum of Crete and the Bulgarian side the team was led by Margarita Dishkova.



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